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About Sheng Hui

Energy efficiency has proved to be a cost-effective strategy for building economies without necessarily growing energy consumption. LED illuminaition provides immediate and useful solutions. However , LED illumination products have the variable quality and high variation in product pricing. Despite this, different manufacturers have different technologies and also have different strong technological points. From this point of view , we have much experience in LED Lighting field for several years and serve our customers through professional management , high quality product , good technical service and with a reasonable price .

In order to meet the different inquiries from the customers , we summarize our LED Lighting characteristics as mentioned below:

  • Low junction temperature to ensure longer useful life
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Patented thermal management solutions
  • Extra-high-power 、Multi-chip packaging 、point-like-source 、System in Package
  • For LED Light Engine
  • High Power Chip Including Global LED Chip Makers
  • Excellent Power System and Device
  • Long useful life of LED Luminaire

In the future , we will continue to support global market satisactory products to meet different general lighting applications.At the same time , we concentrate on product development and cooperation with the partners to feedback differnt market requirements rapidly.